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Welcome to OTD Manual,
Going Off the Derech: A free handbook that anyone can edit.
Articles in English, Videos in Yiddish
The OTD Manual is a free and not-for-profit collaborative project meant as a public service. In this manual, you can find words of wisdom, guidance, and loving support by those who have left the orthodox, ultra-orthodox, and Chassidic lifestyle. They call us the “OTD” Off The Derech (off the beaten path) people.

We’ve been there and done that. Now we want to help you!

You are probably reading this because you are wondering about the rest of your life. Perhaps you were already locked into a shidduch, or even already married. Perhaps you evaded a shidduch and stand on the cusp of adulthood. As you look around you and see your friends marrying and having babies every year, a panic sets in. You feel trapped, your life is slipping away, and your intelligence is suffocating.

Going OTD is not a process of looking back on everything you have been through. Before you can run into the next chapter of your life, you must look ahead. Know what you are running towards. No matter how dark the future seems, it most certainly is a lot darker behind you. Safe journey!

OTD Community and Ex-Chassidim In The News

Outside Resources for you...

  • Unchained At Last - nonprofit in the US dedicated to helping women leave or avoid arranged/forced marriages and rebuild their lives.
  • Footsteps Organization - programming and resources for people who consider leaving the ultra-Orthodox community or have already begun a new life in the secular world.
  • - Information for people considering leaving the hareidi world


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