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Hi OTDmanual visitors and members.

I'm in the Army, and I just found out that I am getting separated because of medical reasons. This bothered me at first but now I know why... So that I can pursue my dream and accomplish my mission i this life.

My mission is to create a foundation that will provide free temporary housing, mentors, and guidance counselors for young adults escaping their unhappy lives. The idea is to start with one house and go from there. We each have our own story and the bottom line is this: If the first 5 years of establishing yourself in terms of education, finance, and personal character, which to all of us are basics that we have to catch up on, can be crammed into the first 6 months, then you can start to grow quicker.

Every day is a journey. Every failure is a lesson.

It WILL happen.


Email me HERE, just do it! No really, ask me anything!