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You may not want to get into a serious relationship right after you leave Orthodoxy. You may never want to be in a serious relationship. You may decide that you are ready to date right away, or it may take you some time to get to the point where you are ready to share your life with another person. This is all okay.

Finding people to date or have a casual encounter with can be overwhelming.

Any sexual encounter brings the risk of pregnancy or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). There is no way to determine a “certain kind of person” to sleep with who “looks clean.” Keep in mind that even if you’re choosing to have intercourse with someone who is within the community, you do not know who they have been sleeping with, and who those people have been having sex with. Staying safe is imperative, regardless of how invincible you feel.

Some STDs can be cured with antibiotics or penicillin, while others may stay with you for life. Symptoms can range from none at all to

~ Monica:

Remember, children: You can abort babies, but you can't abort herpes. Use protection! There are many organizations and places (including Footsteps) that provide free lube and condoms.

~ Goldy: