Habits That I Still Have

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“I just caught myself opening up a new sheet of paper, and writing בס"ד on the top right corner…”

“I won a Brochos-Bee contest in 10th grade. I still find myself saying Brochos on foods, even if they’re not kosher.” ~ Goldy

“After major surgery a year ago, I was only able to moan in Yiddish for the first 24 hours, a sure sign of weakening to my primal state. I have also caught myself recently starting to make a bracha on a taco. I also still trim every other fingernail rather than going in the order.” ~ Annie

“I still find myself tying my left shoelaces first.” ~ Hesky

When asked "how are you?" I'll occasionally respond with "Thank god." ~ Jeremy

I still sometimes say "Bli Ayin hora" and totally say "Thank God"! And "God willing" by force of habit. Then I catch myself, and now I usually follow that with "you know, if she exists." ~ Lauren

I ALWAYS say "thank God". Can't stop saying it, though I don't think it's actually so bad to be expressing gratitude. Are there agnostic/atheist versions? ~ Devorah

A few years out, still, sometimes, my lips will purse a bit and I'll reflexively let flow a thimbleful of breath towards them. But the sound of the letter bais does not escape from them- an arrested brocha. This happens very infrequently now and, kinda weirdly, only when I've both something real good to eat and I've had to wait some before I can have at it. Maybe there is an "appreciation zone" in the brain that still lights up. Not a bad thing, you'd think. ~ Anon.

I recently passed by a mezuza and quickly glanced around to see if there were any frum people around I needed to kiss it for. Then I reminded myself that I no longer have to pretend to be frum! ~ Pearl

Some version of mayim achroinim. When I finish eating I'll find some water, pour it over my fingers (usually under the table) and wipe my lips. Dunno why I still have this one, but I don't mind it… ~ Yanky

I have to stop myself from taking my shoes off to "redo" it when I realize I put on the left first. I also still cut the nails on my left hand first, though I don't skip fingers anymore. ~ Esther