Getting a Lawyer

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Lawyers are EXPENSIVE. They drag things out and make us crazy. But the reality is, most pro bono lawyers will not work your case as intensely and as dedicated as those who you are paying top dollar for. When we face communities raising money against us toward the ‘orthodox spouse’ we remain at a disadvantage, however the best money spent is on a lawyer who will truly fight for you.

Shop for a lawyer that you feel is fighting for YOU and gets you. Don’t just accept anybody just because they are pro bono, suggested by someone or available. If the lawyer doesn’t seem to be ‘on your side’ then who is??? You need to be able to trust your lawyer 100%. Some attorneys will offer a free consultation to hear your story and offer next steps if you may consider hiring them. Don’t waste their time if you can’t afford a retainer but if circumstances allow - try to retain someone you feel is fighting for you with a passion.

~ Raizy