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Get involved with clubs and activities on campus! It’s a good way to get involved, to make friends, and to find out about events and opportunities available on campus. For some, Hillel may be a good place to start because the Jewish environment is familiar and the people will ‘get’ your background. Hillel in most campuses is non-judgmental and people come from all places and backgrounds.

Other places to look into are the Honors Department, the LGBTQ club, Multifaith religious discussion groups, and other minority or special interest communities. College is also the time to explore new interests, like art, yoga, sports, community service, and various other things. Look into the available clubs and check out every single one that interests you! Don’t be intimidated if the people seem more experienced, many of them would be happy to guide you.

Another club worth looking into, if your college has it, is First Generation Network.

~ Goldy