Visitation Ideas

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So you are getting the kids this Sunday. What can you do with them while also staying within the guidelines of the custody agreement? You don’t want to take them to Chuck-E-Cheese and be tempted by the treif pizza. You don’t want to take them to the beach and be punished by the courts because you took them to a non-tznius location. So what do you do?!!! Here are some ideas from the veterans.

  • Buy two of the same book. Have your child take one home with them. When you have telephone calls with them, read them a “bedtime story” over the phone. This little ritual is very meaningful to younger children who can visualize that you are at your place, and holding the very same book in your hand.
  • Tell your child that when she says Shema at night, she can look out the window and see the moon. That is the same moon that you will be looking at every night. This builds an emotional bond with visual imagery. This internal feeling of love is something nobody can take away from them.

~ Annie