Mental Health

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Life is difficult enough without the additional burden of the OTD transition. Be sure to take good care of your mental and emotional state during this vulnerable period. Be as kind to yourself as you would like others to be to you. Emotional support on both a professional and social level cannot be stressed enough. There is nothing shameful about asking for help.

Should you find yourself in a position of being hospitalized in a psychiatric unit, do not fight it. You don’t have any choice in the matter and will be hospitalized regardless. Psychiatric hospitals commit patients as either voluntary or involuntary. Fighting the admission will put you on the involuntary commitment list which severely limits your independence and rights during your stay. And being that you will be there for a while anyway, why not open yourself up to the possibility of getting help for whatever it is that brought you there? It may be the absolute last place you’d like to be in at the time, and taking advantage of whatever they have to offer is your best bet at exiting.

~ Chaya